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India's electricity consumption decreased to 130.57 billion units in April


throughout April of this year, India's electricity consumption decreased for the second consecutive month by 1.1% to 130.57 billion units as heavy rains throughout the nation caused people to use less cooling equipment than in the previous year.

Government statistics show that over the same time period last year, electricity consumption was 132.02 billion units (BU), up from 117.08 BU in April 2021.

Due to extensive rains throughout the nation in March of this year, the electricity usage was also impacted. It decreased from 128.47 BU a year earlier to 126.82 BU during the reviewed month.

According to the experts, if there had been no rain in March and April, the electricity consumption would have increased significantly throughout those two months. According to analysts, the rains decreased the need for power since fewer cooling devices were utilized this year than in the previous one.

Additionally, experts anticipate that as the economy continues to improve and as summer temperatures rise, there will be an increase in power demand and consumption starting in May.

The information revealed that in April 2023, the maximum daily supply of electricity—the peak power demand—rose to 215.88 GW. In April 2022 and April 2021, the highest electricity supply was 207.23 GW and 182.37 GW, respectively.

According to predictions from the electricity ministry, this summer's peak power consumption will reach 229 GW.


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