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” B Pratap is back with another Punjabi Song Kangana, with the melodious voice of Akhil Raj”



Listening to songs can be boring; even our favourite songs sound boring after a while of listening to them. When we finally lose the connection with the old song, it’s necessary to update your playlist not only in Hindi or English but to give different languages a try. To shift your preferences and listen, groove on the latest Hindi, Punjabi, and Haryanvi songs. 

However, not every song makes meaning to you or exudes emotions; neither do they touch your heart right away. But, are you still searching for that one song apart from the standard Bollywood tunes? Something high on the beat, lyrics that feel relatable, music that makes you groove and language that will make you move (even when you are not in the mood to move) Punjabi. Your wish is granted!

Artists B Pratap and Nisha Bhatt are introducing their new song in Punjabi with a blend of soulful voice, heartfelt words, and a lovely tune. The audacious “Kangana” song, sung by Akhil Raj, has the power to move billions of people’s emotions. Produced by B Pratap and Preeti, a Single track.

Artists, singers, and producers have profoundly worked on the song “Kangana”. These guys have worked on every detail so that it can beat with every listener’s heartbeat. Singer Akhil Raj has done a great job. Not only his voice, but he has given his heart to this song and sung it beautifully. Not only the singer but the whole team has worked day and night so that this song, “Kangana,” lands directly in your heart.

Punjabi music has a special place in every heart, whether it is in Canada, the USA, or India. Wherever you are, Punjabi never fails to make you move; the country, the lyrics, and the beat don’t matter; all that matters is the language and the beat. Punjabi songs are grabbing views and attention all over the world. Its groovy beat and beautiful lyrics make people addicted to them. It can never happen if a Punjabi song is playing and you can sit quietly. Some parts of your body would be moving, whether it was your hands, legs, or head.

Pratap has come a long way. Through his talent, hard work, and dedication. B. Pratap has established himself as one of the most successful producers, actors, and singers of the times. And again he is coming with his wonderful song “Kangana,” where Akhil Raj has given his voice.


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